Published 07/06/2016

Connecting knowledge that provides the grower a better quality and higher energy savings

Hoogendoorn in cooperation with Svensson launch "Connected Screening" - a software module connecting the advanced features of the Hoogendoorn iSii process computer with a selected range of Svensson climate screens. The solution will give the grower access to new climate data regarding humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings. Properly used the access to increased climate knowledge will result in healthier crops and higher yields with less energy input.

The "Connected Screening" module connects Svensson climate screens with the software of the Hoogendoorn iSii process computer giving the grower full insight into humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings values.  Climate screens specifically suitable for the Next Generation Growing (NGG) are included in the software. This innovative cooperation will provide growers with deeper knowledge about their greenhouse climate. The result will be healthier crops and higher yields with less energy input.

The Connected Screening software calculates values for ventilation, humidity transfer, energy savings, light transmission and outgoing long wave radiation based on the Svensson screen characteristics and the actual position of the screens. With this accurate data growers can achieve more screening hours without risking high humidity levels below fully closed screens. Using this knowledge the greenhouse climate can be managed to be more homogeneous, resulting in higher crop yields and up to 20% more energy savings! Data is presented at a glance via a custom-made visualization.

Field research within the NGG show that the highest crop yields are achieved under double energy screens and completely closed screens (without gaps). However, in practice this is often hard to realize due to a mismatch of screen characteristics or inefficient use of climate control. This leads to an unstable greenhouse climate. The consequence is an increase in pests and diseases that negatively affects crop quality and yields. The "Connected Screening" module gives the grower the possibilities to manage this. 

Connected Screening will be launched June 14-16 at GreenTech in Amsterdam RAI. We invite you to visit us in booth 08.430 for a personal demonstration.


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