With my Svensson Screen I can enhance my heating and cooling system

Wholesum Harvest is directed by Theojari Crisantes and his sons who follow in the steps of Theojari's father, Miguel Crisantes, who started the family farm in the 1930's in Sinaloa, Mexico. Today, Wholesum Harvest uses the most updated techniques and means in protected agriculture by betting on high-tech hydroponic greenhouses for tomato production.

Wholesum-Harvest-mexicoLocated in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental to the north of Sonora, Mexico, the project, after several phases of expansion, includes 14 Ha of production surface. Greenhouse operations are directed by Francisco Landel.  Grower Aurelio Vivanco is in charge of the facilities production strategy.

Because the greenhouse is situated in a desert zone, winter temperatures often drop to below -10C in the winter. Saving energy was foreseen as one of the operations main objectives, which is why they opted to install a Luxous 1243 D energy screen. 

"We wanted to find a solution to mitigate those low temperatures without affecting plants due to this abrupt change in temperature. Typically we use heating during the day to generate CO2, and save water heated in the buffer so that it can be circulated during the night in the rail tube. Using the screen that covers the crops is enough to maintain required temperatures with minimal use of heating," says Francisco.

"Although we know that the screen is specifically designed for energy savings, it has shading benefits in the Spring and Summer months when we exceed 1,200 Watts-- allowing us to avoid plant damages caused by sun burn."

Thanks to our Luxous screen we have also optimized the use of wet walls during the day, creating a better climate within the greenhouse. When we cover the tomatoes circulating humid air concentrates in the crop area, which is where the humid air is most needed; here the air doesn't mix with the warmer and drier air of the warehouse, this quickly creates a more suitable climate for our plants-- specifically where required.

"Furthermore, we have seen that using our screen distributes more even humid air and ambient temperatures throughout the greenhouse, avoiding substantial differences in climate at the beginning and end of the tunnel" Aurelio concludes.


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