Published 09/06/2014

Welcome to the new Svensson

As you can see, we look different. This is because we are launching a new offer. In an attempt to focus on the viability of our climate screen solutions for growers, we have a new market proposition: A Grower’s Climate – where plants and businesses flourish.

Our goal is to offer growers better climates for plants – but also a better environment for collaboration. As we think it’s important to work closely together with the various specialists who contribute to the climate. We’re not here to sell screens, but to do everything we can to help you reach your goals.


With over 100 climate screen variants we want to make our product range easier to understand. That’s why we have renamed and rearranged our climate screens into five families. Each family represents the screen's main function, for example HARMONY stands for high grade light diffusion screens and SOLARO for solar protection.

Within each family the different screen versions are identified by four digits and a few letters. The digits describe the shading value and the energy saving level, the letters describe other features such as fire safety, color, application system etc.


At first, it might be confusing with new names, but we've created some tools to help you get to know them.

You can still type the old product names in the search field on the web site - and the search engine will show you the new names.

An app is now available both for tablets and smartphones in Android and Apple versions. Search and download the “Svensson converter”. In the app you can type the old or the new name and the results will show both names.

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