Published 03/12/2014

Who will be elected as the most innovative tomato grower in the world?

The 100 most innovative tomato growers in the world will gather in Berlin on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 for the 2nd edition of the Tomato Inspiration Event. The purpose of the event is to inspire and establish connections between the worlds top tomato cultivators. Svensson is proud to be one of the partners supporting the event.

Globally the tomato is the most important greenhouse vegetable, whereby top level innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. The Tomato Inspiration Event brings together international CEO’s from the world of cultivation and supply, allowing them to gain new insights and potentially form new types of collaboration. International networing to this extreme will help take the entire industry to the next level.


Crop & Process Technology 
The theme of the 2nd Tomato Inspiration Event is "Crop and Process Technology", a subject which is now receiving more attention than ever before. After all, it’s the (growing) technique which can further help with the production, quality and added value in the global tomato growing industry. The winner of the Tomato Inspiration Award 2015 has to meet and excel in the following criteria:

  • Visionary/innovator in relation to new growing techniques to enhance the end product’s production, quality and added value.

  • Serious involvement to reduce/compensate for possible negative effects resulting from the production process with respect to relevant resources (water, nutrients, chemicals, (renewable) energy, etc)

  • Clearly developed and executed strategies to address the 3 major opportunities and threats in the geographic production area with respect to a sustainable production process.

  • Use of effective control systems (manual <=> fully automated) to monitor relevant items.

  • Effective knowledge development for continuous improvement. How has this been organized?

The event boasts an attractive set up. Attendees can enjoy a tasty, top level dinner during the evening where interesting speakers will provide short presentations throughout the different courses. Plus there will be plenty of time for networking after the meal. The presentation of the Tomato Inspiration Award will be grand finale of the event. This will be awareded to the best tomato grower in the world will in the field of Crop and Process Technology.

Which visionary tomato grower has successfully embraced and applied new growing techniques,  demonstrating an improved end product?
Who has pioneer has proven capable of driving back negative production effects by making innovative technical adjustments in thier operations?
Find out who will be awarded the worlds best tomato grower on February 5th!

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