Published 12/02/2014

Windset Farms wins Tomato Inspiration Award 2014

Windse Farms from Canada is the world’s best tomato grower in marketing and sales! During the Tomato Inspiration Event, Windset was declared as a winner of Award 2014. This price was awarded to Windset CEO Steven Newell during the first Tomato Inspiration Event held at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin.

The first edition of the Tomato Inspiration Event has been supported by eight partners: Bayer CropScience, Saint-Gobain Cultilene, GreenQ/DLV Plant, Koppert Biological Systems, Nunhems, Priva, Revaho and Svensson. The event provided a wonderful platform for tomato companies where they could meet and inspire each other and raise the sector to an even higher level.

Over 200 horticultural representatives attended the Tomato Inspiration Event, amongst them were the top 50 tomato growers in the world. Five of them were nominated as world’s best tomato grower in marketing and sales, being Agricola El Rosal from Mexico, GreenCo from the Netherlands, Mastronardi/Sunset from Canada, Red Star from the Netherlands and Windset Farms from Canada. A professional jury chose Windset Farms as overall winner of the Tomato Inspiration Award 2014.

Windset Farms was awarded for their outstanding performance in marketing and sales. Windset Farms owns growing operations with a total acreage of approximately 267 hectares in the greater Vancouver area in Canada, Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada and Santa Maria California in the US. The company also contracts growers in North America, Europe and New Zealand. It grows red and yellow grape, campari and cocktail, roma, tomato on the vine, beefsteak, and heirloom tomatoes. In addition it also grows various types of peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and strawberries.

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