Published 24/06/2015

Svensson selected to create a better climate in Driscoll's new high-tech greenhouses in Mexico

Undoubtedly the demand for strawberries in North America has seen impressive growth in recent years. Part of this growing demand is due to the increasing consumption in the United States and Canada, driven by new health information on the nutritional benefits of strawberries.

Mexico has long been considered a potential producer to cover this demand, thanks to ideal weather conditions, and low production costs coupled with excellent product quality.

In order to stay one step ahead and ensure a continuous supply of strawberries, Driscoll's, one of the leading suppliers of fresh berries, has committed to strawberry production in optimal climatic conditions with high-tech greenhouses in the state of Puebla, the first project of its kind in Mexico.

Svensson is pleased to be a part of the project, supplying energy and light diffusing screens which will help to create an improved climate by reducing the intensity of light and high temperatures, which prevail in the region and storing heat more efficiently during cold nights, which occur for most of the year.



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