Published 30/06/2015

Svensson present at international workshop for major Central American producer

The Llano Aguascalientes Technological Institute in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in conjunction with the Aguascalientes Produce Foundation, recently organized an international workshop on the topic of “Nutrition and the Management of Pests and Diseases in Chiles and Herbs” for a group of technicians and production managers from a major greenhouse producer in Central America.

The Aguascalientes Produce Foundation actively promotes the training and transfer of technology for producers, researchers, and technicians on the process of  sustainable agricultural development. The recently held workshop is one of the many examples of the organizations commitment to supporting the interest of agricultural producers in Latin America.

Ludvig Svensson participated in the workshop, presenting on “Screen Use for Improved Greenhouse Climate Control”, highlighting the many benefits of Econet Insect-control screens, and light-diffusing shade screens for vegetables in tropical climates. Filclair, Hoogendoorn and Koppert also participated in the workshop.

Subsequently, the attendees had the opportunity to visit a project in Queretaro, Mexico, where Svensson’s light-diffusing Harmony shade screen is installed, providing first-hand insight on how the screen operates along with the opportunity to experience the difference in the cooler climate.


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