Published 10/12/2014

Svensson participates in lecture on Greenhouse Climate Control at Hoogendoorns Mexico training facility

Hoogendoorn reaffirms its commitment to the Mexican market with the opening of a new training center in Mexico to foster more efficient skills and communication with growers. Svensson participated in the grand opening of the new facility, welcoming the modern learning center for the sharing of knowledge.

The training center, located in the Agropark, is designed to take growers to next level by offering them the opportunity to train with experienced professionals who are well aware of the Mexican climate. High end technology continues to enrich the industry in Mexico, however, it’s of little value when growers and greenhouse staff don’t know how to properly use such technology.  

The center goes well beyond education on Hoogendoorn equipment, offering courses to help educate growers to successfully maintain their entire system. The courses are available to both Hoogendoorn users and non-users.

“We will provide lectures on the benefits of high end technologies and explain the differences in hydroponics, screens, heating, etc.” says Hoogendoorn Managing Director, Martin Helmich.

On Wednesday, December 3rd Svensson participated as a speaker at the center on the subject of greenhouse climate control, discussing how thermal screens interact with climate control equipment. It was an honor for Svensson to be a part of the collaboration to further growers education.

“Being a part of these events gives us the opportunity to share new tips & experiences with customers, colleagues, & peers - this knowledge transfer is key to strengthening our industry.” adds Sergio Eulloqui, Svensson’s Mexico Sales Director. “We see this as a great opportunity for all users of greenhouse technology, we hope that more and more growers will participate - we should never lose the curiosity and hunger to consider new ways of doing things.”


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