Published 02/06/2014

Five names to remeber - hundreds of possibilities


At Greentech in Holland and at Cultivate14 in Ohio this summer, Svensson will introduce its new climate family concept.

At the upcoming exhibitions Svensson invites its audience to "come and see" the new offer. 

With "A Grower's Climate" Svensson's ambition it to offer growers better climates for their plants – but also for their businesses.

The base for the new concept is five new families. The wide range of climate screens is divided into five user-friendly families which make it easier to choose the right screen – increasing efficiency for the grower’s operation. The names of the five families are: Harmony, Luxous, Obscura, Solaro & Tempa.

Learn more about the concept by exploring the updated website.
And come and see at the exhibitions!

icon-HARMONY[w150].JPEG    icon-LUXOUS[w150].JPEG    icon-OBSCURA[w150].JPEG    icon-SOLARO[w150].JPEG    icon-TEMPA[w150].JPEG



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