Published 21/01/2014

Study shows light diffusing screens improve growth rates by up to 25%

In recent trials at the Netherlands’ Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, researchers found that producing pot plants under a light-diffusing screen shortens the production time by up to 25% and results in better-quality plants.

Trial Overview

Anthurium produced in greenhouses equipped with light diffusing XLS Harmony shade screens were ready for sale at 16 weeks compared to the normal 22 weeks, claims lead researcher Leo Marcelis. Plants were of notably better quality. The trials also included Bromeliad varieties, with finished products ready two to four weeks early.


Researchers structured trials with Anthuriums and Bromeliads  in separate greenhouses, each about 150 m2. The Potted plants were exposed to the two light levels, 7.5 mol PAR/m2 and 10 mol PAR/m2 per day, in two greenhouses with XLS 55 F Harmony Revolux light diffusing screens.


For energy savings a second XLS 10 Revolux screen and misting systems provided relatively high humidity levels.


While Anthuriums are typically ready for sale at 22 weeks, the pot plants in the diffused-light greenhouses were ready at 16 weeks. In addition, quality was significantly improved, with plants in the 10 mol greenhouse 25% heavier than typical. Production of the Bromeliad varieties Guzmania and Vriesea were sped up, with plants ready up to a month earlier than normal.

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