Published 11/09/2014

Replacement in line with High-Tec strategy

This autumn, the Dutch pepper and tomato grower Seasun, is about to replace their energy screen. Even in rough times it's important to be up to date in greenhouse technology.

This fall, Seasun from Kapelle in Holland start replacing their climate screens, The 34 hectare greenhouse built in 2001, was back then equipped with the Svensson energy screen SLS 10 ULTRA PLUS. After 13 years of excellent service, it now needs to be replaced.
After thorough evaluations, the choice fell on LUXOUS 1347 FR from Svensson. One reason was because of the positive experiences of fellow growers, who especially appreciate the good moisture permeability and the extremely high light transmission. "These are important values for us as we want to use a lot of screen hours and yet keep the growth," says Jeroen Steenbrink, technical manager at Seasun.
Just like for many other growers, the current business climate for Seasun is quite challenging. However, growers still value modern greenhouse equipment, including in time replacements of screens.
“In these challenging times it’s important for us to keep on saving energy and get the best possible climate in our greenhouse, to make it possible for us to build a profitable and sustainable business”, says Jeroen. 
Seasun was one of the first greenhouse growers who started a greenhouse in the province Zeeland. An area with the highest number of sunshine hours in the Netherlands, while the temperature is moderate both in summer and winter. For more information about this modern, large-scale grower, visit



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