Published 15/05/2014

Light diffusion screens gaining popularity amongst Chinese growers

Hortidaily today; Svensson representative Hans Andersson is interviewed about screens and Svensson in China.

Asia: Light diffusion screens gaining popularity amongst Chinese growers

At the latest edition of Hortiflorexpo IPM, held in Beijing, China, between 23 and 26 April, we had the chance to speak with representatives of AB Ludvig Svensson, the Sweden-based, world-Hans Andersson, executive vice president and export manager for the Asian market, explains that so far this year, Japan and South Korea have been good for Svensson, but China has entailed more difficulties. “The Chinese are good at making imitations, and they will always copy the market leader, although the quality of their fabrics is inferior, similar to the one we had when we started in the mid 80’s. Despite all the copies, we remain the biggest player in China,” affirms Hans. “We are specialised in climate solutions and they are just textile companies making screens.”

Most of Ludvig Svensson’s current business focuses on high-end glasshouses and in the best plastic houses, including the Venlo style greenhouse. According to Hans, the needs of Chinese growers, like everywhere else, depend on the climate conditions and what they are...

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