Published 23/10/2014

Magnit selects Svensson as a solution provider when expanding their business

One of the largest supermarket chains in Russia, Magnit, is expanding its greenhouse complex with forty hectares for growing its own vegetables. The company approached the Dutch greenhouse builder Certhon to build the complex. Svensson is not only supplying the climate screens for the expansion, but also provided training and guidance for both the installers and the end users.

The project is unique because Magnit is one of the first retailers in Russia who, on top of purchasing from wholesalers, will be growing their own greenhouse crops. The retailer's first twenty hectares of greenhouses were built about five years ago. In efforts to further increase yields, Magnit founder and CEO Sergey Galitsky  expanded the company’s growing concept to include breeding cucumbers in a high quality glass greenhouse. A deal is clinched with the Dutch greenhouse builder Certhon for the construction of another forty hectares of high tech greenhouses in the southern Russian Krasnodar region for growing cucumbers. Twenty hectares of those are currently under construction. 
Advising installers and end user training 
In addition to delivering high quality climate screens for the Magnit project, Svensson heavily invested in the transfer of knowledge and know-how of the screen technology. Svensson consultants travelled to Krasnodar to provide training to Russian end users on the practical use of the screens, so they can achieve an optimum return. 
Magnit was established in 1994 and as of September 2014 the company runs 7,831 convenience stores, 173 hypermarkets, 860 super markets and 64 ‘Magnit family’ stores. With its own cultivation of vegetables the company hopes to reduce input costs and to be less dependent on suppliers.

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