Published 26/10/2015

Green Farming - Next step in greenhouse vegetable growing

The Dutch program, Green Farming, unites horticultural networks in the Netherlands, Kenya and Ethiopia with activities, research and projects. The Growing Solutions program demonstrate how growers can improve their knowledge about vegetable growing in greenhouses.

Through the end of 2016, the Growing Solutions program will demonstrate greenhouse production technologies adapted to local production conditions supported by an extensive knowledge transfer and capacity building. The main aim of Growing Solutions is to contribute to the improvement of living standards for small and medium sized Kenyan vegetable growers.

The program has three components:

  • development of greenhouse technology modules for local production condidtions.
  • establishment of a demonstration location.
  • an extensive training and support program for vegetable growers.

Growers will learn how to realize higher yields with new production methods and be taught how to use the demonstrated technology. The training topics include fertilization, irrigation, climate control, crop management, integrated pest management, safe application of pesticides, harvesting and post-harvest handling.

Three different greenhouse production systems have been designed to show the possibilities for producing high quality vegetables at maximized production levels.

Basic module.jpgThe BASIC module creates an ideal growing climate with a 4 m gutter height and a fixed ventilation window at the top of the greenhouse. Sides are open and covered with insect netting.


Plus module.jpgThe PLUS module has the option to open and close the top vent and the side walls manually. The water and fertilizer application is automated.

Advanced module.jpgThe ADVANCED module has a climate control system and a movable screen to protect the plants and optimize the growing climate.


The three greenhouse modules will be shown at the demo site at the Latia Resource Centre.


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