Published 02/10/2015

Cash in on Curtain Savings

For growers in Oregon there is no better time to invest in greenhouse curtains than now, thanks to Energy Trust of Oregon's 233% increase on curtain rebates for new and existing facilities. These rebates give growers the option to reduce upfront project costs by assigning the cash incentive payment directly to the equipment contract.


Energy Trust of Oregon Greenhouse Rebates 2015

Greenhouses are built to withstand the elements, so upgrading their efficiency is essential to keeping operating costs down. Energy Trust's   $0.09  $0.30  per square foot cash rebate on greenhouse curtains gives growers the opportunity to save both money and energy this year!

  Curtain Eligibility Requirements:

  • Equipment must be installed at a facility in Oregon
  • You must be a customer of NW Natural or Cascade Natural Gas on an eligible rate schedule
  • Must be installed above the heated space & drawn closed automatically at night
  • Must be designed to be primarily heat curtains
  • Energy savings rate must be 40% or higher
  • Must have a minimum life expectancy of 5 years

Taking advantage of these rebates is easy
Cash in on increased curtain incentives by filling out the Efficient Greenhouse - Incentive application today. 

Have questions? Contact your greenhouse vendor or Energy Trust directly for assistance when applying.

"The rebates for standard improvements are so easy to do. I just completed a form, sent it in and the check arrived in four to six weeks." -Iwasaki Bros., Inc. who installed new curtains in two greenhouses

Energy Savings Bloom with Curtains
Greenhouse curtains are the ideal solution to help offset energy related operating expenses thanks to their high percentage of energy savings and very short paybacks- single layer curtains often payback in less than three years and in some cases less than two.

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