Published 17/10/2014

Ceickor University opens its doors as top technical Agriculture University in Mexico

On October 2nd Ceickor University officially opened its doors as a top technical university catering to Mexico’s protected agricultural sector. Students from all across Mexico gathered at the University’s grand opening ceremony in Colon, Querétaro. Enthusiastic to be pursuing a comprehensive training degree, the first generation students will study under the university’s “learning by doing” method—practicing greenhouse management in a hands-on production environment.

Cieckor   opening-web-img

Ceickor University’s educational model is centered around training and involvement in real-life production greenhouses, enabling students to develop a highly specialized skill set and the knowledge to excel in the increasingly competitive industry.

There has been a rapid growth in protected agriculture, specifically in greenhouses, in Mexico in recent years. One of shortcomings following such growth has been the inadequate training of specialist in the field. Ceickor University’s innovative teaching model will have a profound effect on the growing demand for specialized professionals.

Svensson was honored to participate in the University’s opening and joins the tenacity of Felix Tarratz, whose longtime dream made Ceickor University a reality that will leave a legacy of knowledge and great influence for many generations to come. 

cieckor-ghLight diffusing Harmony 3045 screen installed in Ceickor propagation greenhouse

The University facilities consist of three hectares of production, including a portion with Svensson screens. Svensson’s light diffusing Harmony 3045 screen will be used to educate students and horticulture specialist on the proper use of screens in Mexico.

Svensson congratulates the entire Ceickor team and wishes the University much, well deserved, success. We're very pleased to be a part of the training program and are enthusatic that Ceickor students will have the opportunity to learn about the application of climate screens.


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