Published 23/09/2013

A grower's climate

Svensson provides a variety of solutions for a better climate!

We know how to improve greenhouse climates to ­increase profitability. Svensson provides a variety of solutions: from solar reflection and energy saving to blackout, supplemental lighting or weather protection. 
This often means improving production and reducing cost. Sometimes with qualities such as colour, appearance or larger crops – sometimes with lower heating costs, faster production cycles or extended seasons. No matter where your operation is located in the world, we know how to make more out of your natural climate. In search of further improvement, we have our own research and development, our own manufacturing and our own ­representatives. On top of this we have a solid network of ­installers, greenhouse builders and specialists to support your new build or refurbishment project. 
Svensson Climate Advice
Aimed at both growers and suppliers, Svensson Climate Advice is our primary service when setting up a new greenhouse or refurbishing an existing one.
Once our consultants have the necessary information, Svensson Climate Advice provides qualified guidance regarding a suitable screen and any other necessary actions to achieve a better growing climate for your crop and greenhouse.
So when every plant counts, talk to Svensson for a better climate!
Contact us directly if you have any specific questions or if you would like advice on the best available solution for your situation.
All we need from you is your location, crop and climate data and we will be able to provide you with a customized Svensson Climate Advice – that will help you achieve your goals.


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