Published 08/01/2015

Visit us at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition

We welcome you to visit us at booth 2427 at TPIE in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to to discover the many benefits of a better climate via Svensson's screen solutions.

Replace your radiator with a reflector!

Stop by our booth to discover how  you can reduce your heat gain with Svensson's SOLARO WB shade cloth. Made of highly reflective white films, SOLARO WB external shade reflects both heat and light and provides daytime shade to cool. Studies demonstrate that 30% less heat is transmitted into a greenhouse with SOLARO WB  compared to black shade cloth, at 60%. SOALRO WB protects plants from stressing under too much sun, yet allows some light to penetrate by shading in a more efficient way.

Don't let the sun steal your profits
SOLARO WB is available in 27, 38, 51, 67, 74 & 79% shading levels making it  the perfect choice for affordable cooling.


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