Published 29/01/2015

The Tomato Inspiration Event once again draws the world’s top tomato growers to Berlin.

More than 200 horticultural representatives will attend the second Tomato Inspiration Event on February 5th in Berlin. Amongst them the top 100 tomato growers in the world. One of them will win the ‘Tomato Inspiration Award 2015’ and will succeed the Canadian Windset Farms as the best tomato grower in the world.

Over 200 people have now signed up for the Tomato Inspiration Event, including growers, speakers, sponsors and the media.

The tomato is the most important greenhouse crop in the world. In this sector, supply chain, innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand at a high level. The Tomato Inspiration Event brings together the world’s top performers from the production and supply sector for two purposes. Firstly, to provide a platform where CEO’s from prominent companies can meet and inspire each other and raise the sector to an even higher level. Trendwatchers Richard and Lieke Lamb, and busines strategist, Gunter Pauli, provide sufficient food for thought on this subject. And, secondly, to be present in Berlin to find out if they belong to the top 5 in the world. The full list of participants is available on

The Tomato Inspiration Event will be held on Thursday, 5 February 2015, at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin; in the same week in which the trade fair ‘Fruit Logistica’ takes place. 

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