Published 21/07/2015

Svensson hosts Obscura Blackout 101 Training Breakfast for Customers

Ludvig Svensson, Inc. hosted a Blackout 101 product training breakfast on July 12th, 2015, during the Cultivate'15 exhibition held in Columbus, Ohio, for over 60 customers, including horticultural distributors, greenhouse builders, installers and manufacturers active in the US and Canadian markets.

Svensson’s Obscura blackout screens were the focus of the educational breakfast providing a basic overview of the Obscura product family, highlighting what to consider when it comes to selecting the best blackout screen solution.

Obscura screens have been giving plants a good night’s rest for over twenty years and are the leading solution for light restriction and total blackout applications. Commonly used for greater productivity and control over day-length sensitive plants, such as chrysanthemums and gerberas, Obscura’s unique knitted structure allows growers to properly manage moisture properties while achieving their desired climate goals.

Within the Obscura climate screen family there are a variety of double layer screen combinations, as the top and bottom of the screen can have different surfaces. Aluminum on the top, for example, provides the greatest energy saving at night, whereas white provides better cooling in sunny weather. White is also useful as a bottom layer for intensifying light inside the greenhouse, whereas black is better for absorbing and restricting interior light.

The Blackout 101 breakfast was well attended and received as the demand for blackout screen solutions increases in North America.

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