Published 09/04/2018

Join us at the AMHPAC Regional Forum of Guadalajara

Join us on April 11th, 2018 for the AMHPAC Regional Forum of Guadalajara, which will cover a variety of relevant topics in the protected horticultural industry while providing expert knowledge to help you grow your business.

We are pleased to be represented at AMHPAC’S Regional Forum where Svensson along with industry experts from Invermex and Enza Zaden will provide valuable knowledge on pertinent topics in the industry. With the support of skilled experts, this event will serve as an excellent educational opportunity!

Foro-regional-GDL.AMHPAC.jpgTopics that the program will cover include:
AMPHAC Welcome presentation
How does my greenhouse work? - Isaac Felix, Invermex
Grafting for peppers, a success story - Antonio Guerrer and Juan Labastida, Enza Zaden
Maximizing your profitability through climate improvement - Alejandro Medina, Svensson

This free event will include breakfast and access to work/presentation material. Space is limited and we encourage you to sign up to reserve your spot, by contacting Estefanía Gamíz at or 6677155830 ext.102.

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