Published 16/05/2016

Shading with diffuse light gained interest in the 18th Hortiflor Expo Beijing

May 11-13, the 18th Hortiflor Expo was successfully held in Beijing, China. The Svensson booth attracted visitors who experienced the release of new open Harmony screens for exterior use, diffusing the light Harmony O E screens allow light to reach deeper and more evenly into the plant.

Attracting flower growers from all over China, show attendees were presented  with the latest in horticulture from all types of industry suppliers.

The diffuse light, achieved by the Harmony screens spreading the light deeper into the crop and more evenly, impressed the Chinese growers. At the exhibition Svensson held a presentation about diffuse light, a demo box  showcased the difference between standard shading and shading with a Harmony screen. The diffuse light created a lot of interest amongst growers who appreciated the benefits of better quality light and an improved cooling effect.

During the exhibition, Svensson was invited to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Kunming Anthura. 350 guests from the horticulture industry came together for a festive evening. Many of them already Svensson climate screen users, creating better climate for their flowers!


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