Published 07/10/2014

Svensson arrange workshops for advisors

Svensson together with Hoogendoorn and are responding to the growing demand for cultivation knowledge. In Holland 22nd and 26th of September, workshops were organized for 53 crop advisors, researchers and technical advisors. The participants were very positive and graded it high. The planning for the upcoming international workshops in 2015 has already started!


Worldwide there is a growing demand for cultivation knowledge. This kind of workshop has successfully been organized several times before. The purpose is to inform crop advisors about the latest developments in crop registration, climate control and climate screens, for them to be able to advise their clients even better. 

Crop advisors play an important role in advising growers in their business affecting decisions, requiring a broad knowledge as well as practical experience. To ensure new insights, the workshops focused on sharing knowledge and experiences and there was room for valuable discussions.

Christiaan Posthumus Meyjes of showed their online platform, offering possibilities to register crop and perform climate analyses. The topic for René Beerkens of Hoogendoorn was the top 5 innovations for greenhouse climate optimization. Finally, Ton Habraken of Ludvig Svensson presented the benefits of diffuse light and the application of a second screen at vegetable cultivations. Moreover, the first results of an experiment in the cultivation of tomatoes were revealed. The workshops was well received by the attendees.

workshop1“I definitely recommend the workshops to other crop advisors”, says Crop advisor Hans Pronk of Pronk Consultancy. ”I’ve realized that many growers and advisors have little knowledge about the Psychro diagram . Processes in the greenhouse, such as vaporization, condensation, ventilation and moisture are not always well understood. For example, it is often thought that after sunrise, condensation on the crop and fruits is caused by the heating of the greenhouse air instead of by the increase in absolute humidity. This is approximately the same as seeing overweight people running and then draw the conclusion of ‘running makes you fat‘.”

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