Published 06/10/2014

Join the High Tech Greenhouse Tour

Are you a professional grower? Would you like to benefit from the latest within horticulture? Then you should definitely join the High Tech Greenhouse Tour in Holland in February, 2015. The event is in English.

Growers from all over the world are invited to come to Holland in February 2015, to showcase the excellence of the innovative Dutch greenhouse industry. Svensson is one of the sponsors of the event, arranged by Hortidaily. For free you can participate in a greenhouse tour that will show you the latest outstanding developments in greenhouse technique. A visit to Holland's premier horticulture trade show, the Horticulture Business Days in Gorinchem, will end the two day tour.

Day one visits to Ter Laak Orchids, the Daylight Greenhouse by Technokas, Futagrow at Demokwekerij Westland, seed breeder Rijk Zwaan and the award winning ID-Kas of Gebroeders Duyvestijn are on the program. Before the trade show, day two starts with half a day at GreenQ, the largest global commercial service provider in the field of horticulture production knowledge.

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