Published 21/05/2018

News from Hortiflor Expo - Beijing, China

On May 10-12, the 20th Hortiflor Expo was successfully held in Beijing, China. Svensson’s new range of Deco Harmony climate screens for garden centers were introduced for the first time to the Chinese Market, and the response was very positive.


Hortiflor Expo was a great success marked with a high number of participants from all over the world- including flower growers and breeders, as well as suppliers who got the opportunity to showcase their latest technologies and products. During a seminar, Svensson was pleased to provide an impactful presentation detailing the driving force behind the company’s continuous innovation.

hortiflor-small-greenhouse.jpgIn the Svensson booth, the main spotlight was on the launch of the new Deco Harmony climate screen range, which attracted many interested visitors! Attendees enjoyed getting a ‘behind the screens’ look at this new screen range while learning about the many functional properties such as shading, energy savings, climate improvement and more. The feedback from the crowd was positive and many were impressed by the Deco Harmony’s combination of function and aesthetic appeal.

With the screen’s ability to improve the climate and create a more balanced and pleasant environment for both plants and people, the fresh colors exude an atmosphere that enhances the entire customer experience. Available in four different colors, the Deco Harmony offers a product that not only works great but looks great, too!

During the seminar hosted by Greenhouse Horticulture Magazine, Gloria Zhang, General Manager at Svensson’s office in Shanghai, presented the latest innovations and projects happening at Svensson. The presentation included a focus on Harmony, Luxous 1147 FR and Svensson’s newest screen range, Deco Harmony climate screens for garden centers. The presentation was well received and proved how Svensson strives for continuous innovation and develops new products according to the demand of the global market. Therefore, remaining the leader in the manufacturing of climate screens.


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