Published 18/05/2017

News from Hortiflor Expo - Shanghai, China

May 10-12, the 19th Hortiflor Expo was successfully held in Shanghai, China. Svensson was excited to partner with one of the world market leaders, Hoogendoorn in a joint seminar which introduced the ‘Connected Screening’ project to the Chinese audience.


Overall, the exhibition was a big success. Plenty of flower growers and breeders from all over the world brought attractive products to the show and suppliers to the horticulture industry presented their latest innovations.

In a seminar hosted by ‘Greenhouse horticulture’ magazine, Gloria Zhang from Svensson China and Wierd Vonk from Hoogendoorn gave a presentation about the software solution ‘Connected Screening’, which last year was introduced in the Netherlands. The Connected Screening module calculates the actual Svensson screen properties: humidity transfer, energy savings, light transmission and outgoing long wave radiation based on the characteristics of the Svensson screen and its position. With accurate climate and screen data, growers can achieve more screening hours without adjusting a screen gap. This allows growers to achieve a homogeneous climate, and as a result, higher crop yields and extra energy savings. The Chinese growers were highly interested in the solution.

The New Harmony screens were a main highlight of the Svensson booth and many were impressed to see the curtains ability to diffuse the light even more evenly than before. The demo kit visualizing the difference also got a lot of attention, showing less shadows and a more evenly spread light under the new Harmony screen. In summary, the joint seminar was a large success that we were proud to be a part of. We are already looking forward to seeing you next year at the Hortiflor Expo in Beijing!



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