Published 15/04/2015

First-ever international Summit on horticulture technology

Tuesday 9 June 2015, the first-ever international Summit on horticulture technology will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 250 carefully selected growers and investors worldwide have the possibility to visit the Summit.


The programme has been composed by an independent Summit Committee with the interest of growers at heart. You will be presented today's possibilities as well as having a peak into the future. The Summit will be the ultimate networking opportunity.

The conference will examine current world challenges in terms of food security and wellbeing. Keynote speakers will share their views motivating and inspiring delegates to find sustainable solutions for the future.

The morning starts with two plenary sessions looking into the distant future. One on sustainability for the future by a most highly regarded speaker - to be revealed soon. The second by Richard van Hooijdonk, an internationally renowned inspirational speaker and dynamic trendwatcher on how Robotics, Internet of Things and Big Data will take you and the horticultural industry to the next level.

The second half of the summit will take a more detailed approach highlighting crossovers to other (technological) industries. The latest trends & developments will be directly connected to the production of crops in a cutting edge plenary program.

Delegates will have a choice of themes to follow, including:

  • Minimising the consumption of energy and water resources
  • Making the most of biobased opportunities
  • Maximising crop results in different parts of the world


Horticulture 2030: Are you ready for the future?

Svensson is a proud sponsor of the Greentech Summit 2015. See you there!

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