Published 13/06/2013

The Dutch Svensson "telen&trends" event on 30 May was a huge success

More than 100 vegetable growers were provided with endless inspiration from Trendwatcher Marielle Bordewijk, Dutch horticultural entrepreneur of the year Eric Moor, and last but not least the Astronaut André Kuipers, whose vision 'goes behond all boundaries'. He even sees a future for greenhouse horticulture on Mars. 'The sky is not the limit'!.

Svensson's aim with this event was to give the horticultural industry new, fresh ideas that will enable vegetable growers to view their own horticultural businesses from a different perspective.
More than 100 of the country's leading growers took part in different workshops on food trends, branding, marketing, urban farming and more at the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam's Rijnhaven on Thursday 30 May. 
Marielle Bordewijk explained six trends that were relevant for the growers present that attended the telen&trends 2013 event. The origin of fruit and vegetables is a trend that growers should really use to their advantage, Bordewijk believes. 
“Consumers want to know where it's from. Is it fresh? Whose face is behind the product? "Be visible," was Bordewijk's message, as was that from Eric Moor. During telen&trends 2013, he urged the growers to "launch an attack on the supermarket shelves". Try to become the fruit juice category manager. How? By collaborating, preventing exchangeability and by knowing your consumers.” 
Collaboration is crucial.
The discussion and networking continued during the BBQ that was organised to close the event. 

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