Published 24/04/2015

Svensson new participant at Demokwekerij innovation center

Demokwekerij Westland is an innovation center for applied technology within horticulture. The ambition is to create “the nursery of tomorrow” by demonstrating, researching and sharing knowledge. Svensson just signed an agreement to become one of their participants, as we believe in supporting innovation and demonstration projects to contribute to a sustainable horticulture. Demokwekerij is one way of bridging the gap between suppliers and growers.

Svensson is constantly engaged in the research and development of new ways of creating better climates with screens – research run by our R&D department together with outside research institutes. We provide growers with advice on how to use their screens to the fullest, getting the most out of them. And in turn growers share valuable experiences with us. Demokwekerij brings the industry together, to share experiences.

Svensson screens improve the greenhouse climate and each crop and geographical area demand unique screening advice. Growers know their growing conditions inside out and can pinpoint exactly how their plants respond to climate changes. Together we can achieve the best climate possible and the most favorable conditions for the crop.

Visit our booth at Demokwekerij to learn more.

For a Svensson Climate Advice, please contact us!

demokwek1          Demokwekerij stand

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