Published 14/05/2019

Climate control in the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition with Svensson screens

The 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition is a worldwide horticultural expo hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality. The expo focuses on displaying the latest findings in flower cultivation and technological advancements. This show is the largest of its kind ever to be held, covering over 500 hectares with more than 100 exhibiting countries and international organizations. An estimated 16 million visitors will attend the park and take part in almost 2500 different cultural events including academic conferences, horticultural competitions and flower parades. Within the park, 50,000 trees have been preserved and 100,000 trees and shrubs planted to improve the condition of wetlands, purify water and provide a habitat for migratory birds, embodying the expo’s theme ‘Live Green Live Better’.

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As a leader in the climate screen industry, Svensson was thrilled to be a part of the expo, offering solutions for several greenhouse projects. The greenhouses are great demonstrations to show visitors the future trends in the horticulture industry, and what we can do to make a better climate for vegetable and ornamental plants. A variety of Svensson screens were installed, including Solaro outdoor shading, diffusive Harmony, and Luxous and Tempa screens for energy saving

“It is a great honor to have the opportunity to participate in such a big event to showcase Svensson’s commitment of sustainable development in the horticulture industry. We are committed to focusing on energy use, carbon foot print and water use,” said Gloria Zhang, General manager of Svensson China office.

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The expo site is designed to champion the spirit of respecting nature, integrating nature and pursuing better lives. President Xi Jinping warned that the degradation of ecology will lead to the collapse of civilization and that industrialization has led to irrevocable ecological damage. He concludes that, “We must follow the laws of nature, protect the ecological environment and go down the path of green development - pursuing the harmony of man and nature."

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