Published 07/04/2016

Svensson speaker at New Way of Growing seminar

Interest is increasing in the Dutch HNT project which aims to optimise crop production without unnecessary consumption of energy and water. A recent publication summarising what HNT has achieved so far has stimulated further interest and though UK growers have benefitted from occasional glimpses of the ideas underlying HNT, it has been difficult to see the wider picture. That is about to change.

The UK project "GrowSave" organises two seminars for you to discover what opportunities Het Nieuwe Telen or ‘New Way of Growing’ offers.

Four Dutch experts - Jan Voogt from, René Beerkens from Hoogendoorn and Peter Kamp from Priva will together with Paul Arkesteijn from Svensson - will deliver the seminars. 

Paul-Arkensteijn.jpgPaul Arkesteijn, Svensson

Many UK growers will know Paul, who has been a frequent visitor as well as a popular speaker at previous GrowSave events. Paul has been Svensson’s Climate Performance Analyst since 2009 so he has devoted a lot of time and effort into researching the greenhouse climate under screens. Paul will explain how attitudes to the use of screens and double screens are changing as a result of the work on HNT.

Paul's presentation will cover:

  • How to use your climate screens to get a higher crop temperature at night
  • How to reduce the humidity in the greenhouse under closed energy saving screens, without adjusting a screen-gap. 
  • How to save energy to with a second screen.

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