Thanks for attending our Insect Exclusion Conversation

Thanks for attending our insect exclusion conversation. We hope you found the event to provide you with more background on the topic of insect control.

Click here to download the presentation from the discussion.

We welcome you to contact us for additional information. We would be more than happy to assist you with any technical input about screening for your operation.

We also invite to send us a small sample on your current insect screen should you wish to have us test the hole size and yarn diameter to ensure it's living up to its exclusion promises.

Excluding pests from growing areas is the most effective insect control method and the first line of defense in an integrated pest management program.
Considering an insect screen?  This conversational discussion is intended to help you better understand what options you have when it comes to insect control screens and what you should consider when selecting an insect exclusion screen.

Topics covered include:

  • What screens best protect against what insects
  • Selecting the correct hole size
  • Airflow: Avoiding overheating your greenhouse
  • Case studies: A look at how growers remain pest free using Econet insect screens, including how one large pepper operation overcame a Pepper Weevil outbreak and is now insect free using Econet insect control screens

We've been helping growers successfully exclude insects for years, and would be happy to share our experiences and answer any questions you have when it comes to deciding on whether to screen and what screen best suites your needs.

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