Svensson supports WaterAid

Water is fundamental to our business, our customers, and our communities who depend on access to clean water. It fuels the agriculture industry and all living things require it. But the reality is that one in ten people in the world live without safe water, while two in five lack adequate sanitation.

The fact that millions of people live without clean water and sanitary solutions, traps them in a vicious cycle of poverty and disease. Access to water and sanitation are vital for improving health, education and economic growth in the world’s poorest countries. 


Improving access to clean water is a global challenge that Svensson is committed to supporting. In 2012 we partnered with WaterAid, an international non-profit organization with water, sanitation and hygiene programs in 27 countries, to help provide clean water and sanitation.

Safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation transform lives. By supporting WaterAid we hope to improve the lives of people affected by the water crisis.


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