Smart textiles help save energy equivalent to more than three nuclear power plants

With over 20,000 hectares of Svensson climate screens installed in greenhouses worldwide, Svensson screens save an estimated energy production equivalent to that of three to four nuclear power plants per year. A saving of such extreme is a sizeable contribution towards reducing the carbon footprint globally.

Enabling customers to save energy is one way of contributing. Another is to reduce the environmental impact of our production, also top priority for Svensson. For us the sight has always been set on a sustainable future.

This movie, made by Miljönytta (Advantage Environment), who highlights a number of existing, new and future products and services which will reduce the impact on the environment, and Smart Textiles, a Swedish research center for the development and production of smart textiles, together with TEKO, the Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries Association, highlights the environmental issues in textile product development and uses Svensson as an example of one of today's most progressive players in the industry.

Captions in English are available! Turn them on by clicking the caption icon at the bottom of the video.


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