Water treatment, waste, packaging and transport

From water treatment works to equalisation tanks

We have our own water supply from the river Viskan. It is therefore important for us that we pay close attention to the debate relating to our lakes and waterways. We are a member of the Viskan Water Conservation Association.

We also need to control emissions and we do this by measuring the pH of our equalisation tanks. This is where, in line with our operating license, we measure various levels, including the concentration of various metals such as zinc and copper. Our operating license and the debate about the environment govern the parameters that we measure. We also control emissions from our production processes to the air.

Waste is a challenge for any company and we are continually working to monitor Svensson's waste. However, it's not sufficient to do this just once; we need to take account of the fact that our products change and evolve, along with the raw materials used and the composition of the waste generated. Where we identify opportunities, we always assess whether we can recycle waste. We only use suppliers that meet our requirements. The minimum requirement is for suppliers to be ISO 9001/14001 certified.

Svensson generally works with companies that emphasise the importance of the environment, set environmental goals, can provide sustainability reports and that are working to achieve climate-neutral transportation (e.g. through membership of the Swedish Road Administration climate-neutral road haulage project.) ISO14001 certification is preferable.

We have been registered with the Swedish REPA packaging recycling organisation for many years. If our packaging material cannot be recycled, it is incinerated.

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