Historic inventory

Our factory buildings have been the site of weaving, knitting, textiles processing and dyeing since the 19th century. For the inventory of contaminated sites under what is known as "MIFO" methodology, textiles processing has generally been classified as Class 1 (very high risk). This is mainly because it has involved large quantities of hazardous chemicals, oils and water and proximity to sensitive watercourses.

Ludvig Svensson has conducted a historic inventory in consultation with the County Administrative Board. The County Administrative Board has subsequently decided that the current use of the land (as an industrial area) does not require decontamination. According to MIFO environmental methodology, the site is overall assessed to be grade 3, i.e. a moderate risk (on a scale of 1-4). This is a confirmation of our dedicated and forward-thinking employees who realised early on the importance of proactive environmental measures.


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